What To Expect

At AMI, we believe a good facilities partner should do more than just provide professional cleaning and janitorial services. Our team works closely with our clients' operations management team to control quality, increase productivity and maximize the efficiency of the entire facility.

We emphasize quality control and closely monitor execution on a day to day basis to ensure that your clients and employees have a safe, clean and productive environment in which to work. Our clients can rely on AMI to ensure that they present a professional image to their internal and external clientele.

AMI is your one-source for reliability and consistency in Janitorial Services, Construction Clean-Up, Carpet Care, Window Cleaning, Parking Lot Sweeping and Dedicated Facility Management. We have expertly trained teams able to handle the care, cleaning and maintenance of marble and stone.

We pride ourselves on delivering sparkling entrance ways and restrooms to our clients. We believe that it is here where great impressions begin, but it doesn't end there. Our dedicated teams pay attention to detail in every inch and every corner of your facility, inside and out.

With AMI you can be certain that your facility will "Always Make the best Impression."