AMI Commercial Cleaning Company

AMI is a full-service commercial cleaning company. We provide responsive, reliable service every time. We pride ourselves on being a team that you can trust for your general janitorial services.

We also have the capability to help you with your non-standard, task specific maintenance needs. We have teams who specialize in window washing, carpet cleaning, and every other aspect of floor cleaning.

We honor all requests for specific cleaning products to ensure health, safety, and environmental awareness.

Our Difference

The AMI Commercial Cleaning Difference
With our exclusive Quality Improvement Checklist, we make sure we communicate with each of our customers on a weekly basis. This checklist allows our customers the opportunity to let us know how we can improve and customize our services to their needs.

Our Philosophy

AMI Commercial Cleaning Services Philosophy

AMI is dedicated to the appearance of your work environment. We are committed to providing you with top-level service. Communication is the key to building a successful working relationship with our customers. Your investment in your work space is held in high regard throughout our cleaning process delivering a spotless canvas for your work each day.

You only get one chance to make a first impression ...why not be spotless?